Dealing with Cynics

The reality is that in most of us, there’s this little devilish cynic that doesn’t trust people. It’s a teeny-weenie character that simply won’t take people at their word …rightly or wrongly, thinking people usually have got a hidden, selfish, ulterior motive behind their actions.

So, if you’re in a business that deals with people and relies on how they respond, how do you manage these little cynics? Do you even want to bother with them?

You should! Because, behind this shroud of cynicism, they could well be the ideal customers your business needs.

Give them three things.

  1. A product or service that delivers more than it promises

When you clearly understand what your customers want (and need) you have a powerful starting point. That’s effective marketing!

Exploit it to the hilt. Take a hard look at the promises you make in your marketing copy. Strengthen the benefits your product or service claims, then make sure you keep your promise.

Your product/service should deliver what it says it will. The thing is …  you don’t stop there. Find ways to over deliver. A good example would be – if you were selling books about playing poker, you could bundle each book with a deck of cards. Over time, these little consistent little touches are what will make you stand out. Impress them!

  1. Show them what you’re all about.

Be real. Be honest and clear about what you have, about your product or service and how you take care of your customers. You don’t have to “dress yourself up”. But you’ve got to give them the opportunity to see what you do and how you do it.

Offer free trials. Have them sample your products. Have them feel and touch them if they like. Present recorded or video testimonials. Inject transparency into your business. As they get to know and experience your product and hear of the other customers’ experience, you’ll be able to get rid of or at least mitigate any cynicism and build trust. Just make sure, whatever you use is honest and not some fairy tale you made up.

Give them the freedom to take it or leave it.

We have all heard of money back guarantees. The customer has the choice not to take a product or service even after having tried it, without any crazy penalty, opens the door to unsure or doubting customers. Make the return plan fair and reasonable for both customers and your company.

Most people are honest and reasonable. They respect people who offer guarantees and don’t abuse them.






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