Camp Breakaway's story: The road to recovery from COVID-19

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It's an understatement to say that COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise. This pandemic has affected everyone in a multitude of different ways - individuals, businesses and governments have had to completely change their way of operating (and way of life) during this time.

Insurance House client Camp Breakaway, located on the NSW Central Coast, was one of these businesses. After shutting down for three months, they had to completely rethink their business model.

A charitable organisation that provides social and recreational respite programs, Camp Breakaway supports their community by:

  • Providing care for children and adults with disabilities and giving them the opportunity to experience new activities and challenges, while supporting their parents or carers by giving them a break.
  • Hosting events and camps for seniors with and without disabilities.
  • Hosting events and camps for children with high medical needs and their parents and carers.


Two men in wheelchairs play a game with an inflatable cube
Photo: Camp Breakaway

When COVID-19 hit, Camp Breakaway had to cancel all upcoming camps, which also meant their usual revenue streams ceased for three months. The support and respite that they provided for their community had to stop.

Insurer Vero saw the devastation that COVID-19 had created for small businesses around Australia and developed the Vero Business Recovery Grant program. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) could apply for one of 25 grants for either advertising, printing, equipment or consulting services. Applicants had to be an SME, be suffering from financial hardship due to COVID-19 and have a Vero business insurance policy.

"When Insurance House informed us that our insurer Vero was offering these grants, my first thought was that we did not really stand a chance. We thought that in this current environment, it would be super competitive and as such, our application would probably be lost in the avalanche of applications," said Brett Walker, General Manager of Camp Breakaway.

Camp Breakaway's application stood out in the avalanche and they were one of the lucky recipients of a Vero Business Recovery Grant.

Vero Head of Commercial Intermediaries Anthony Pagano congratulated Camp Breakaway on their successful application.

"It's so important we support organisations like Camp Breakaway to get back up on their feet so they can reconnect with their customers," said Anthony.

"These funds will help them on their road to recovery and we can't wait to see them in action over the coming months." 


Two men in wheelchairs fight each other with lightsabers
Photo: Camp Breakaway

Camp Breakaway will be using the grant to offset the ongoing expenditure of their new marketing and event coordinators, so they can extend their contracts and extensively develop new marketing plans to take them into the future.

Brett also hopes to use the grant towards some direct media promotion beyond the local news, to increase the awareness of Camp Breakaway, and the fact that while they offer this amazing service, they've also pivoted. They are now offering accommodation for respite getaways for anyone, not just those with disabilities and their families and carers.

"An increase in occupancy will generate additional funds that we can then deploy into our camps," said Brett.

"The grant Vero has provided will make a very real and positive difference to the individuals who use our service. All money raised at Breakaway goes directly to supporting our community, enhancing their lives and keeping their dreams alive."

As a charitable organisation, Camp Breakaway accepts donations of funds and resources, as well as an individual's time through volunteering. If you wish to donate to Camp Breakaway, you can do so here.

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