Are YOU at risk?

Management and employment risk

The recent high profile fraud / employee theft case reported in the newspapers is a timely reminder about the need for sound risk management strategies.

Let’s face it. Running a business carries significant risk and responsibility.

Even the directors of a club, association or non-profit business can be at risk if an employee acts dishonestly or harasses another staff member.

In today’s litigious world genuine mistakes by business owners and managers can result in statutory fines or penalties and a wrongful dismissal claim can land you with significant legal costs.

Management Liability Insurance protects you and your management team as well as your business against a series of risks that go hand-in-hand with running a business. A risk mitigation strategy backed by appropriate insurance can save you from losing, not only your business assets, but also your personal assets in the event of an unexpected event.

Even the legal expenses incurred to defend allegations can be crippling.

At Insurance House we have management liability plans that can protect you against these costs. A Management Liability policy combines many traditional stand-alone policies such as Directors and Officers Liability, Crime, Cyber and Privacy Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Discrimination and other risks into a single policy.

Because each insurance company has different terms and conditions you should ask your Insurance House broker to match your policy to your specific requirements.

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