Are psychologists covered by insurance when working remotely?



At Insurance House we understand that given COVID-19 restrictions, many practitioners are now switching from face-to-face consultations to online-based video or audio services - in order to continue to provide services to their clients.

We have received many calls and emails from psychologists asking whether their Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity insurance policy covers them for services delivered remotely in this way.

We can confirm that yes, your policy does cover you for practicing your activities via online video sessions or phone call.

Please be aware that the policy will cover you for your business activities listed on your schedule of insurance anywhere in Australia - whether it be at your office or an alternate location - providing you are working within your scope of registration.

Coverage is always subject to the policy terms and conditions. The policy holds a jurisdictional and territorial limit of Worldwide excluding USA & Canada and the Governing Law is Australian Law.

You should note that you may have some legal requirements relating to providing remote sessions - and we suggest you speak with your governing registered body or association for further information on how such requirements may relate to your business activities.

Whilst the Department of Health has advised that, "no specific equipment is required to provide Medicare compliant telehealth services. Services can be provided through widely available video calling apps such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Duo, GoToMeeting and others." However, it goes on to say, "free versions of these applications (i.e non-commercial versions) may not meet applicable laws for security and privacy. Practitioners must ensure that their chosen telecommunications solution meets their clinical requirements and satisfies privacy laws." Indeed, free versions of these applications are not compliant with the Australian Government's National Digital Health Strategy and may leave psychologists vulnerable to contravening confidentiality obligations. 

Finally, with professional indemnity and liability insurance more important than ever in times of uncertainty, Insurance House is here to provide general advice and assurance. if you have any questions about your cover, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team on 1300 659 626 or email them at


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