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Welcome to Insurance House Blackburn

Our team at Insurance House Blackburn have been servicing clients in the Greater Melbourne area, regional Victoria as well as interstate for over 37 years, providing professional advice and a level of insurance expertise that our clients have come to count on. Our mission is to 'protect your assets and your family's financial future and we do this by working to one simple principle - 

that doing the right thing, is the right thing to do. Insurance House Blackburn can assist with all manner of general insurance products including commercial & small business insurance. 

PSB Insurance & Malcolm Hutson & Associates join forces with Insurance House

Insurance explained: Five reasons to review your business insurance.

Insurance explained: Why your broker is your best friend when it comes time to claim

What do Robert Viney and Malcolm Hutson have in common? Their utter dedication to providing clients with the best possible service, over 40 years each commitment to the insurance industry, the very diverse range of clients they have assisted over the years, a meticulous attention to detail and dislike of taking short cuts are just some commonalities. 

When was the last time you reviewed your business insurance? Last month? Last year? If you've had the same policy for a while, there's a chance that it may have even been years since you last reviewed it.

Managing a business is a lot of work and involves time and dedication. Often, it can be easier to just renew your business insurance policy instead of reviewing it and looking at your options.

Insurance claims are not easy to deal with. They often involve volumes of paperwork, numerous phone calls when you spend most of your time on hold and sifting through the details of your policy trying to understand all the technical terms and conditions. Managing your claim can be stressful and can take your attention away from what's most important - getting your life or business back on track.

" We're a team of insurance brokers who enjoy what we do and get genuine satisfaction in delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients,

especially when it comes to their claims. It's what we do best. "

Rob Viney

Branch Manager - Blackburn & Adelaide 

Meet our Insurance House Blackburn Team

Rob Viney

Blackburn & Adelaide Branch Manager 

Email:   robert.viney@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 8841 3311 

Mobile: 0418 355 088

Malcolm Hutson 

Senior Relationship Manager 

Email:   malcolm.hutson@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 9597 9077  

Janine Dunk 

Relationship Manager 

Email:    janine.dunk@ihgroup.com.au

Phone: 03 8841 3302

Ben Noakes 

Relationship Manager 

Email:   ben.noakes@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 8841 3303  

Tracey Kotona 

Relationship Manager 

Email:   tracey.kotona@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 9597 9077  

Karl Norman 

Insurance Operations Lead - Broking

Email:    karl.norman@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 9230 1284

Sarah Kyriakouleas

Relationship Manager 

Email:   sarah.kyriakouleas@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 9597 9077   

Melissa Naprelac

Relationship Manager

Email:   melissa.naprelac@ihgroup.com.au

Phone:  03 8841 3305