Affinity & Schemes Communication Issue Update

Insurance House would like to advise all our Affinity and Schemes clients that we are currently experiencing issues that will not allow us to receive or send emails. This issue has been present since 2.58pm on Monday the 14th of January. To understand how the issue will affect you please read below:

It is important to note that this issue does not threaten the security or privacy of our client information.


I purchase my policy online, can I still purchase or renew my policy?

Our online systems are running like normal, this means you will be able to purchase or renew your policy online like normal by clicking here.


I purchased/renewed my policy online but am yet to receive my policy documents?

Any purchase or renewal since 2.58pm on Monday the 14th of January may result in delayed policy documents. The documents are auto generated and are waiting in the cue to be sent to you once our issue is rectified. We will advise clients of the issue being resolved, if after 24 hours of receiving this notice you still do not have your policy documents please contact your dedicated support team.


Your system is having issues does that mean my personal data is at risk?

Our system issues are only affecting our ingoing and outgoing email capabilities, our data facility is not affected by this, meaning your personal information is not at risk.


I need to speak with a team member

If you need to speak with a team member we advise that you contact your dedicated support team via phone, due to the limited capabilities we may not be able to fully assist you in solving your query however we will do our best to support you. 


I have sent an email but have not received a response, do I need to send this email again?

Once our email capabilities are restored we will have all your emails in our inbox, due to the number of emails that would have been received in this time we may have a small delay in responding to your query. We will do our best to respond to all emails as soon as possible. If you have not received a response and require urgent attention please contact your dedicated support team.