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Insurance House Adelaide  can assist with all manner of general insurance products including commercial & small business insurance. Our team is also highly experienced in the specialist area of Aviation insurance solutions, learn more here.

PSB Insurance & Malcolm Hutson & Associates join forces with Insurance House

Insurance explained: Five reasons to review your business insurance.

Insurance explained: Why your broker is your best friend when it comes time to claim

What do Robert Viney and Malcolm Hutson have in common? Their utter dedication to providing clients with the best possible service, over 40 years each commitment to the insurance industry, the very diverse range of clients they have assisted over the years, a meticulous attention to detail and dislike of taking short cuts are just some commonalities. 

When was the last time you reviewed your business insurance? Last month? Last year? If you've had the same policy for a while, there's a chance that it may have even been years since you last reviewed it.

Managing a business is a lot of work and involves time and dedication. Often, it can be easier to just renew your business insurance policy instead of reviewing it and looking at your options.

Insurance claims are not easy to deal with. They often involve volumes of paperwork, numerous phone calls when you spend most of your time on hold and sifting through the details of your policy trying to understand all the technical terms and conditions. Managing your claim can be stressful and can take your attention away from what's most important - getting your life or business back on track.

Aviation Insurance Specialists

Geoff Tonkin

Senior Relationship Manager 

p: 08 8361 8872

e: geoff.tonkin@ihgroup.com.au

Specialists advice on your Aviation insurance needs

Comprehensive range of Aviation insurance products available

Broad range of general insurance products & services

Speak to the team at Insurance House Adelaide for assistance on your general insurance needs including: 

  • Construction
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Bookkeepers PI 
  • Commercial insurance
  • Industrial Special Risks
  • Public & Product Liability
  • Business Interruption 
  • Management Liability 
  • Cyber Liability 
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Commercial Motor
  • Marine
  • Strata
  • Workers Compensation
  • Life insurance*

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the aviation insurance industry, our team at Insurance House Blackburn work closely with many RA-Aus & GA aircraft owners and operators throughout the country to provide expert advice and tailored insurance solutions. 

Get your RA-AUS Registered Aircraft insured instantly:

  • Instant Quote & Cover in 5 Minutes
  • Top Up Liability
  • Top Up Passengers Liability
  • Non Members Liability
  • Up to $10 Million Liability Cover
  • RA-Aus Registered Hull Cover

  • RAAus Level 2 Maintainers Insurance
  • RAAus Pilot Personal Accident Insurance
  • Aircraft Hull & Liability
  • Loss of Use Insurance
  • Hangar-Keepers Liability
  • Aircraft Maintenance Liability
  • Airfield Premises Liability
  • Non-Ownership Liability
  • Aerial Application Liability
  • Airshow Liability
  • Aviation Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Aviation Business Insurance (inc. Hangars)

Contact Geoff on 08 8361 8872 for a quote.