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Unforseen risks permeate the maritime trade and marine environment. This is a specialised area in which accidents can and do happen, putting vessels, freight, workers and passengers in danger.

But planning for unexpected perils need not jeopardise your career or core business. Insurance House works with individuals and businesses whose professional and personal livelihoods are subject to marine risks. We are directly connected to the London market, the world’s largest source of marine coverage.

Our clients are professionals from all sectors of the marine industry, from commercial fishermen, cargo and freight operators to marine builders and pleasure-craft owners. We provide a diverse range of innovative products that are specifically tailored to your goals and needs, such as:

  • Safeguarding your commercial assets
  • Assuring the success of your marine transit or hull career
  • Promoting the effective execution of your next voyage
  • Securing the growth of your maritime business
  • Protecting the value of your assets in transit.

Insurance House is always sourcing new, more competitive insurance products suited to your industry, thanks to our strategic alliances and buying power in the global marketplace. A fully diversified national insurance broker with a focus on individualised service, we only recommend insurance products suited to your unique situation.

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