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Insurance House Travel provides one of the most competitive Travel Insurance offerings in the market today.  Choose from either the Essentials, Premium or Elite plans to suit your next overseas adventure.  Take the worry out of your next trip by knowing you're adequately covered and a comprehensive support network is in place should things not go to plan.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Convenient online facility, get a quote now
  • Cover from as low as $69 to the USA*
  • Unlimited overseas medical assistance across all plans
  • Personal Liability cover from 2 million to 5 million dependent on plan
  • Flight delay cover**
  • Single or joint cover
  • One trip & multi trip
  • 24 Hour, Worldwide Emergency Hotline
  • Fast in-house claims
  • Worldwide and domestic cover

Each year the Australian Government handles over 20,000 cases involving Australian tourists in difficulty overseas. 1 Most people understand the importance of travel insurance – but many do not know how to ensure they get the right travel cover for their personal situation.

Many unwitting travellers pay too little for travel insurance, lacking the cover they need most, or too much, paying more than is really necessary. Why? Because the market is flooded with travel insurance products and sometimes it’s just easier to pick the first one you see.

Over 12,000 Australians take out personal insurance with Insurance House every year . This includes a flexible suite of affordable travel insurance for business, vacation, domestic or international trips. So don’t be caught out on your next holiday – leave feeling 100% confident that no matter what happens, you are safe, and have paid no more than you need for full protection.  
Get an online quote today, you'll be surprised at our competitive rates and levels of security available to all types of travellers.

Please note: If you're 70 years or older you will not be able to apply via our online facility and will need to contact 1300 305 834.

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(1 Smartraveller: the Australian Government's travel advisory and consular assistance service. Click here to visit their site. *1 Adult, Essentials Plan, 7 days from Australia; Terms, Conditions & Exclusions Apply **With Premium & Elite Plans; Terms, Conditions & Exclusions Apply.  Underwritten by Ace Travel Insurance).

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